Differences Between Gems, Crystals, Rocks And Minerals

Difference Between Gemstones and Crystals


Gems are rare minerals that are usually sold for a higher price then crystals. To accurately price out a gem a few things you need to take in mind are the rarity, color, composition, hardness and cut. Gems are also nicknamed gemstones that will be either a precious or semi precious stone cut and polished to be used to make jewelry.

Examples of precious gems are diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, amber, jet, coral, turquoise and pearls. Gems come in a variety of colors such as reds, greens, and blues. There are classified by their color, translucency and hardness.


Crystals are a pure substance that are made of molecules formed from geometric patterns. Another way to describe crystals is they are a solid substance made from atoms, ions and molecules which grow outwards in 3 geometric shapes. These shapes could be either cubic, hexagonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, or rhombohedral.

Crystals do not come in colors like gems instead the color is determined by the way light passes through them by being more translucent. Examples of crystals are quartz, amethyst, citrine, agate and tigers eye. Interestingly enough the word crystal came from the Greek word “kyrstallos”. They thought that clear quartz was ice frozen eternally by the Gods!

Difference Between Minerals and Rocks


A mineral is a natural occurring inorganic substance that has physical properties and chemical composition. There’s at least 5 thousand types of minerals, distinguished by differences in physical properties, crystal structure and chemical composition. They are decided by major chemical groups, from Sulfides, Halides, Oxides, Carbonates and Elements to Nitrates, Tungstates, Silicates, Phosphates and Chromates. Some examples of minerals are calcite. Calcite forms from seal shells, hot springs or in caves. Minerals are solid and form naturally with the earth.


Rocks are composed from one or more minerals and are solid, natural occurring substances. Rocks are the foundation of our world. A rounded and smooth piece of rock is called a stone. Marble for example is formed from limestone by heat and pressure inside the earth. Marble is composed from calcite or dolomite minerals. Rocks are commonly formed from a combination of six minerals: amphibole, feldspar, mica, olivine, pyroxene and quartz. Granite is mostly composed of three minerals; quarts, feldspar and mica. Of course these minerals are found separate in nature however they also can be found it rocks.

Why Crystals

Crystals have been used for healing and to provide good vibes for ages. There are a variety of things you can use crystals for like treating insomnia or treating pain. Some believe that crystals or some stones can help realign us with our Chakras. You could wear crystals depending on what you need to help your body harness their healing powers.

Proponents of this technique believe that crystals allow positive, healing energy to flow into ones self while letting the negative or disease causing energy to flow out of them. Some believe wearing stones or putting them under your pillow will ward of sickness, shed negative energy or absorb positive energy.

Gemstones and Crystals – Names and Healing Benifits

Clear Quartz: Energizing

Healing: Clear Quartz are the Master Healer, a powerful healing stone for any condition. It stimulates the immune system and is excellent for soothing and healing burns, balancing the emotions, activating the pineal and pituitary glands.

Rose Quartz: Love and Peace

Healing: Strengthens the heart and circulatory system, releases impurities, aids in healing chest and respiratory problems, increases fertility.

Blue Quartz: Calming and Harmonious

Healing: Helps relieve stress or negative thoughts, frustration and eases anxiety. Heals the throat and purifies the blood.

Amethyst: Calming & Intuition

Healing: Assists in calming the mind, reduces insomnia and allows restful sleep, promotes good dreams. reduces stress, eases headaches, helps with hormone production, strengthens the immune system, cleanses organs and respiratory system, reduces bruising and swelling. Assists in the function of the pineal and pituitary glands. Alleviates fatigue, promotes healthier looking skin and supports joints and bones.

Calcite: Amplifying & Cleansing

Healing: Strengthens the teeth, bones and joints, heals organs to detoxify, helps with skin conditions, blood clotting, heals tissue, fortifies the immune system, reduces fear and stress.

Celestitie: Positive and Uplifting

Healing: Dissolves pain, treats disorders in the eyes and ears, eliminates toxins, helps with fainting, release chronic tension and hardening in bones, tissue and organs.

Citrine: Revitalizing and Cleansing

Healing: Helps the digestive organs and the heart, reduces infection, aids tissue regeneration, circulation and detoxifies the physical, emotional & mental bodies. It is also helpful for menstrual and menopausal symptoms, balancing hormones and alleviating fatigue. Used to boost concentration, boost memory and spark creativity.

Aquamarine: Clarity & Purification

Healing: Calms the nerves and reduces fluid retention. Good for soar throats, Aids with acid reflux and gastrointestinal disorders.

Green Jade: Emotional Balancer

Healing: Strengthens the heart, kidneys and immune system, it cleanses and filters toxins from the organs and blood, heals stitches, assists fertility and childbirth, helps relieve menstrual and menopausal symptoms, promotes longevity. Supports the adrenal glands and relieves headaches.

Agate: Strength & Courage

Healing: Strengthens the body, heals emotional tension related diseases, stimulates the digestive system and heals skin disorders. Detoxifies and eases anxiety.

A Few More

Lapis Lazuli: A touted ancient migraine remedy and supports the immune system.

Opal: Increase inspiration, creativity, helps with PMS and headaches.

Topaz: Works to balance hormones and combat aging.

Onyx: Cleanses the air and rids your home of negative energy.

There are many, many more stones I could go into detail about. However, I hope that with the information I’ve provided you, you can start designing jewelry that fits your customer’s interests. At least you know what stones to use and how you or your customers can benefit from them.